Thursday, May 31, 2007


Today I went bowling with my friends and scored two strikes and then we went back to school and watched two movies and then I went home.

my graduation

I have just graduated to 6 grade. We watched a movie all about us and we got certificates. We even won a birth certificate for being twins. And there was a dessert and punch. Then we spent time with my parents. It was a special time for me.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Today we skipped school and went to a water park and then we ate at a restaurant and then we got ice cream and funnel cake .

Monday, May 28, 2007

memorial day

Today I went to McDonald's and got a chicken sandwich. Then I went to the pool and swam for two and one half hours. I made new friends and played with diving sticks. When we got home we did chores watched TV and waited for the new refrigerator. Then we went to the church cookout. I played water dodge ball.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Our Weekend

Our weekend started Thursday evening. Me and Leslie went to the president's reception and banquet dinner for RTS graduates. Friday I graduated and ate dinner at Applebee's to celebrate. Saturday we road our bikes to block buster. Sunday we went to church and heard Dr. Sproul preach on the deity of Christ. We then bought a new refrigirator at Lowes. We also bought Leslie a new laptop computer because she has been using the school's. Since she is not going back to Orangewood we had to get a computer. MAINLY I NEED TO BE ABLE TO BLOG! We then road our bikes adding up to a total of 15 miles for the weekend. Finally we got everybody set up to make blog entries. Hannah and Nathanael didn't post. I think they wete too tired.

my weekend

This weekend I saw pirates of the Caribbean 3 and rode my bike for 15 miles! We watched Tom Sawyer and went to Block Buster to rent the movie Magma.

weekend fun

This weekend we rode our bikes 15 miles from our house. And then we went to see pirates of the Caribbean. and then we went to my dads graduation at bible school and then when we got back it was 10:00pm.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

As if We Needed Another Blog

How many accounts does the general population need of our bike ride to BlockBuster Video? Obviously six. Robert decided we needed a family blog that would allow everyone to post. Robert, Hannah, and I already have one (or more) blogs. So when Josh approached me last week and asked if I would make one for him, my knee jerk reaction was, "No!". He asked for a journal instead, so I thought I had pacified him by bringing one home from the store. Anyways, in two weeks we will be computerless (is that a word?) and I can't imagine six of us vying for computer time!

So why are you looking at this then? Unfortunately Robert knows how to set up a blog without me. I've created a monster. And now he's about to spawn four other little monsters. Can any good come of this???

Sunday Fun

Today we went to church at Saint Andrews where we heard Dr. Sproull preach on the last supper. We partook of the Lord's supper as well. Then we ate lunch at the Olive Garden. After that we road our bikes to Block Buster Video to return some movies. We like riding our bikes together. After that we went swimming at the community pool. We threw the tennis ball and miniature foot ball in the pool. We also had fun racing from one end to the other. Finally Leslie made dinner. Me and the kids made the dessert. I am making the first post because it is now getting late.