Saturday, December 27, 2008

miles and miles to go

I just went on a 3 mile bike ride!
Last year I went on a 21 mile bike ride!
Thats not evan close to what I did last year!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Strange Things and Funny Sayings of Late

(1) Joshua had apparently fallen asleep in the back seat of the car and was awakened to a car sleep sweat. He shouted right out of the blue, "Can someone turn on the air? I'm sweating like a dog back here!" You probably had to be there.

(2) Leslie's car charges me with static electricity and I get shocked every time I get out of it. Sometimes I make it past closing the car door only to be zapped by the door of whatever store we may be going into. I look like an escaped mental patient as I erratically go about reaching out for the door, quickly reaching out for it but quickly pulling away from it, until finally I gain the courage to touch it. I found myself fearfully frozen in the car as we arrived home from town the other day shouting, "Somebody come spray me with the Static Guard so I can get out of the car!"

(3) What you don't want to hear at the breakfast table from a teen aged boy: "Hey somebody pull my finger!"

(4) Kristina (our Ukrainian girl) still navigating the English language said, "pass me another one of those 'Man Sandwiches'", we were eating Manwiches for dinner.

(5) I joke with Kristina all the time saying, "I have your number." The idiom doesn't make sense to her. So she always says, "if you know my number, tell me what it is". Joshua piped up one time and said in typical littel brother fashion, "I know what it is--666!

(6) Samuel was asking the blessing one morning and said "God, thank you for this food and the 'um'. Amen." I asked him what is this "um" that he was thanking God for? Is that something like Manna or what?

(7) Nathanael was trying to say a certain word and mispronounced it. We all laughed; he got offended, and said "I have a speech disability and I have a paper in my backpack to prove it!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Things I Never Thought I Would Say--Until Children

This post will be occasionally updated as thing happen in life and things come to mind:
(1)"Stop pointing at peoples moles!"
(2)Before we realized it we would say "You better start being have!" It dawned on us one day that this in nonsensical. The word is behaving.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Life With Seven

I thought that we would acclimate Kristina into our family without much change at all. There are so many of us that I thought, "what's one more right?"
Our new addition, however, has caused us to do a bit of adjusting--in more ways than one. Here are a few funny things that we have encountered so far.
It first hit me that some things just aren't going to be the same when I was grocery shopping and realized that my brand of breakfast sausages only came six to a pack. Now I am off mathematically! Also, when we dine out the gratuity is automatically included in our bill as if we are a party of people or something. There are no additional legal seating options left in our car. When I cook breakfast I use eighteen eggs and an entire pack of bacon. Our washing machine broke so we went to the laundry mat to do our clothes. We occupied fifteen washing machines (almost the entire laundry mat)!! We take up a pew and a quarter at church and a whole block when we ride our bikes. There are a few perks that we now have as well. If we use the hair cut card that you get stamped for each cut, we automatically qualify for a free cut. And if we go to get ice cream we use up all the stamps in one shot, immediately qualifying us for a free cone.