Saturday, May 29, 2010

Playing Catch Up

I know, I know. It's been a month since we blogged. I blame it on the fact that I'm a school teacher. We're down to the wire here. Seven days left of school. My desk is a sea of ungraded papers and inventory sheets that mocks me everytime I step into my classroom. But apart from school, there have been some other things going on.

Sam participated in the annual JROTC district competition last weekend. Seven hours in the glaring sun and a mean sunburn were well worth it. Their school swept the competition taking more trophies in more categories than anyone else. Sam competed in personal inspection and the 100 meter dash for which his unit took first place. Hoo-ah! Exhibition/Rifle Team continues to be his passion though and both boys hope to attend The Nationals Drill Camp in Georgia one day for some real training from the top guys in the field. He and Nate are looking forward to being part of the high school unit next year.

Hannah has been volunteering at a nonprofit lately. She works with handicapp children and horses doing what is called hippotherapy or riding therapy. She LOVES it. She drives us nuts asking us to bring her to the stables more often. The child cleans stalls and grooms the horses without a bit of complaint. That's how we know how much she loves this! She insists on bringing the horses a treat almost every visit, so I have gotten in the habit of picking up an extra bag of carrots at the grocery store. I'll post some pics of her with her new friends soon.

Nothing new on the adoption front. I am growing more content with the knowledge that everything is in God's timing and that makes it perfect. There's a chance the boys might be sent to the same "camp" this summer. That would be very comforting to know they're together again. Pray that this would be the case.