Sunday, August 26, 2007

Saint Paul's Church Youth Pontoon Boat Trip on the Saint John's River

It was a Saturday morning and we were going on a boat trip and my dad was driving one of the boats. There were 12 girls and 5 boys. each boat had a super soker watergun. Three times we got scared because the boat tipped into the water and we all ran back to the back of the boat to level it so we wouldn't fall in with the alligators and get eaten. then we got off the boat the boat and went to the picnic tables to eat our lunch. after lunch we went to the springs nobody wonted to get in because they knew

how cold it was. So one of the girls pushed me in to the water. It was colder than i thought! and my feet and toes became numb. Then every body started to jump in to the water. Then we went up stream were it was a little warmer and we got into the water. We saw a big tree that had fell in the water a long time ago. And we started to climb it. i was the first one up the tree and the farther up we went steeper it was and pretty soon we reached the point to we started to see fire ants heading towards us i was allergic to fire ant or any other ants. And then we all started to jump off the tree. I was first one to jump

of the tree. i was holding my breath while i sunk to the bottom of the river I almost hit a log but i got closer to it and saw that it was a root! Then it was time to leave the river, but that wasn't the end to of the trip. We are now going to the island park. and we got something to drink there and we got to explore there too. Finally we got to the exhibits and looked at all the different animals there. My favorite animals there was the snakes, they also had a coral snakes. The one they showed was a dangerous poisonous snake there. Then we went back to the boats and had a water gun fight. Then we left for home.

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Robert N. Landrum said...

I had a great time with you two.