Sunday, October 18, 2009

Twice a Blessing

I can never get her to wear her hair down lately. "It's too frizzy. It's too big," she protests as she pulls it into the pony tail she wears to school most days. Some days she gets up extra early to use the straightener. Its a painstaking process that ends in her hair returning to its natural wave before she gets to the end of the street. But she's an American teenager now and she wants to blend in.

Last night I talked her into letting me do her hair for church this morning. It took some prodding, but I guilted her into doing it as part of her birthday present. Skeptically she perched on the edge of my bed with her mane hanging before her as I carefully dried and scrunched it into what I knew her hair was meant to be. "Done?" she asked as she marched into the bathroom to examine the results. She looked at herself for a long time, turning this way and that to get a look from different angles. "Okay?" I asked. "Okay," she smiled back. Her golden brown hair spilled in beautiful spirals around her face.

Today my daughter is 14 years old. I missed the first 12 years of her life, but God has made up for it in the blessings of the two years that we've had together. I thought of her biological mother this morning and mourned that she never got to see the beautiful woman her child is growing into. Regardless of the dark beginnings of this child's life, at some point she must have been a blessing to her mother. At some point her mother must have held her close, peered into her blue eyes behind the frame of brown ringlets, and known that God blessed her with at least this one thing. Now I know that blessing too. Not many children have the opportunity to bless two mothers in their lifetime. The gift of adoption wasn't just for Kristina. It was for all of us too.


Tami said...

What a blessing indeed! And what a beautiful young woman she is blossoming into!
Happy, happy, happy birthday Kristina!!! :)

Heidi and Felix said...

Wow! Kristina is growing up! I'll never forget my addiction to your blog when you were in Ukraine adopting her. Wow!

Zack, Jenn and William said...

What a beautiful girl! Happy Birthday, Kristina!

Heidi and Felix said...

It is because of you, the Stoezs' and the Weston's that we became intrested in older orphans. Before that, like most folks, we thought we wanted a baby. Oh my, what would we have done with a baby??!! Thanks to you, we enjoy the blessings of Nadia, Julia, Kole, Rimma & Zina!


Kevin and Pam said...

I can't believe how she has changed and has become so beautiful!

Karen said...

Wonderful post!

Happy Birthday Kristina!

(and as a person w/ curly hair...I totally understand...)

MamaPoRuski said...

Beautiful, and I love the sassy photos! Happy Belated Birthday Kristina!
O has naturally brown curly hair too she wants to be blond and straight! Praying our girl will some day appreciate her beauty as well!

Annie said...

She is breathtakingly beautiful! (Maybe you'd better have her put all that hair up in a bun! Or watch out!!!) I know what you mean, though.... I notice (during my periodic "reads" of the trash press at the hairdresser) that curls seems to be making a come-back. Hopefully for Kristina!