Saturday, November 7, 2009


Another minor cold front passed through this weekend. Highs were only in the 70's and the evenings have been cool enough to cut off the A/C and enjoy the breeze coming through the open doors. Robert has been itching for a project and today we decided to build a fire pit area in the backyard. The kids helped level the ground, lay the foundation stones, and assemble the fire bowl. Calling on his boy scout days, Robert took some time showing the kids how to build a proper fire. We spent a wonderful evening roasting hot dogs and making smores. Kristina (and Robert!) had never had smores. Kristina was convinced that they sounded yucky, but after her first one she was hooked. Eventually the Hershey's chocolate ran out and the fire died down, but it's a sure bet you'll find us in the backyard next weekend again.

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