Thursday, July 19, 2007

Construction in Florida in July

For the past few days I have been taking my two oldest boys to work with me. I have taken all of my kids to work at one point or another on jobs that would allow it in the past just to let them have the experence of being at work. They like to "paint." But this time it is different. My boys are almost teenagers and they are getting big enough to actually be productive. I think that I can begin to train them in the painting trade.
They helped me unload and load equipment, trim hedges off of the house, move drop clothes pick up trash, get things, and even move some tree frogs that took up residence on some columns.
I may not be able to take them on every job this summer but next summer I think they will be old enough to work the whole summer.
They were not to happpy about all of the spiders and various bugs that painters encounter. And the heat is almost unbearable. But I am impressed with them.


Ashley said...

This is Ashley in MS. I just saw that your family has a blog. We are the family adopting Grisha in Kristina's class. I just saw that ya'll were in MS. I would have loved to have gotten together, but I am sure all of you were spending time with family and I wouldn't have wanted to take away that time. I hope you had a great time. I am glad everyone is having a great summer! Take care!

Leslie said...

Hey, Ashley! We will def. get together the next time we come home. Can you imagine next summer when Grisha is home and our families can hang out??? It will be really good for Kristina to see him again.