Monday, June 1, 2009

Call for Prayer

The governing body of Ukraine is set to vote on a bill tomorrow (June 2nd) that will forever change the face of orphan ministry in that country. If passed, there will be a moratorium placed on international adoptions. In other words, no more adoptions. The bill would also limit contact with orphans in orphanages to ONLY those who are official workers and other governmental officials. Please pray for the officials considering this bill, the children it would affect, and the families in the process of adopting.

UPDATE: The law was taken off today's agenda and was not voted on. Speculation remains whether it will resurface in July, but there is mixed information coming from facilitators at this point. Please continue to pray for those families in country and those who are planning on traveling soon.


Karen said...

I just heard about this from a guy serving in Ukraine. Prayers going up today. Keep us posted!

Melissa E. said...

Last I heard, this vote was either cancelled or postponed.