Thursday, April 30, 2009

Adoption Update

Several of you have asked what's on the horizon with adoption for us. I wish I had something specific to give you, but I don't. We still very much feel as though God is calling us to this again. And strangely, even though we don't see a direct path to one particular child, we have a peace that God will work out the details in His timing. I was thinking today that Sophia really opened our hearts to adopting an older child and Sophia #2 opened our hearts to adopting a child with a disability. So while we don't have a face and a name, we are still moving in the same direction.

Last week, the amazing Christine wrote on her blog about our family's desire to adopt again and encouraged her readers to partner with us to that end. I was humbled for several reasons. We love and respect Christine and John who have adopted several children, some with disabilities, and who have encouraged and instructed us through their candid adoption writing. But the most remarkable thing is, the Reeds are in the process of adopting again, and as such, are also attempting to raise the funds for that adoption. Robert and I were discussing the fact that God doesn't have limited funds and when we understand that, we cease from being "territorial". The adoption process is so uncertain, often the only area we feel like we have some input and control over is the financial side. To divert attention away from their own adoption shows a real understanding of their role in the process. God provides every penny of this uncertain journey and you can't use up the resources of the One Who Owns the Cattle on a Thousand Hills. It's a beautiful thing to see and embrace. I hope our journey through this next adoption will be one of renewal, growth, and profound trust - the very thing we have seen exhibited in the Reed Family.

So let me divert your attention here for one more moment. Our friends the Fumias and the Hoffmanns are adopting children from our Kristina's class. We were thrilled to hear that they both received their SDA appointments today. We were even more thrilled to know that they will be arriving in Ukraine at the same time because their appointments are on the same day - May 18th! Amazing! What a gift to have one another as they go through this process. What both families lack are the funds to complete their adoptions. So I'm beseeching the tiny audience we have here at The Landrum's Blog to prayerfully consider helping them. Can you contribute financially? Pray, fast for these families? There is no small sacrifice you can make on their behalf or on the behalf of the three children they will bring home. Consider the eternal investment you will be making in the lives of these particular orphans. While we can't give you a name or a face for the child who will be our child, we can give you these names and these faces: Greisha, Elaine, and Lisa. Three orphans who will be claimed by families who will couch them in the redeeming love of Christ.

The Fumias have a PayPal donation button on their blog and the Hoffmanns are collecting funds at any Wells Fargo bank using the account name "Hoffmann Ukraine Adoption Fund" and the last four digits of the account number, 3692, for verification. (Be certain the teller spells Hoffmann with 2 n's.) They are also set up to receive funds through PayPal at

Thank you for believing that God will provide and for being part of that provision.


ukraine09 said...


I will definitely be praying for both of your friends as they complete their adoptions. How wonderful that three more children will be with their families soon! Wow, May 18 - that doesn't give them much time to prepare, but it's so exciting. I will also continue to keep you and your family in my prayers as you decide the path that you will take.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers during our journey.


Buck Family said...

Leslie, God is so awesome. It's so great to see how other people who are adopting are praying for others adopting and supporting them too. God will provide for all who trust in Him. His plans are purposes cannot be destroyed because He controls it all.

I don't have your email, but I wanted to know if you received the donation I sent you. I hate that I have to even write this here...I just wanted to make sure you got it :). I am continuing to pray for you and your family and enjoy reading all the blog updates. I am blessed to be able to get to know you in the blog world even though we don't know one another. You are a blessing. Keep praying and trusting God. Be encouraged. God will direct your paths.

Ashley said...

Wow!! This is so kind of you! I received my first negative comment today (I didn't publish it), but I am trying not to get discouraged by it. Then, seeing these encouraging words from my friends have helped so much. I thank you for speaking on our behalf.

I am praying for your adoption and I know God is going to lead you to the child He has for you. :-) I can't wait to watch it all unfold.

Debbie said...

Leslie, thank you, thank you for mentioning us and the Fumias on your blog! Elaine, Lisa, and Grisha will be home soon--praise God!

We are eager to see how the Lord directs your steps to the child He wants you to love and nurture and raise in Him. We look forward to praying for you every step of the way!

Buck Family said...

Leslie, do you have twins? If so, wow! I am one of a I think its cool to meet people who have twins or are a twin/triplet. I thought I saw that on your video about being a family.

Leslie said...

Hey, Michelle! Yup, our fourteen year olds Sam and Nathanael are twins! I had no idea you were part of a triplet group. Now THAT'S cool!