Monday, April 20, 2009

Who's Bo?

I once had a dog named Bo. I have heard of a singer named Bo. And now there is a mysterious and stinky person that goes by the name of "Bo". Well, not really.

Our car is shrinking! Or maybe its the kids that are growing. Whatever the case, we have a bit of a problem. There are seven mouths, fourteen armpits, fourteen feet, and seven--well you know what! All of which, if not properly maintained, emit certain foul smells. Crammed into the car the other day, I pointed out that someone forgot to put deoderant on and how with all of us on top of one another for our commute each day, everyone needs to be really conscious about B.O. Well this talk about "B.O." eventually led our confused Joshua to a point of frustration at which time he intensely exclaimed, "Who is this Bo anyways???"

This brings to mind another time that a not so pleasant fragrance filled the car. Someone ran over a skunk on the highway. Kristina had never heard of or smelled a skunk before. So she shouts, "Ew! What's that smell?" "It's a skunk," Leslie explained and followed up with a lesson on how skunks use this odor to protect themselves and scare away predators. Kristina contemplated this for a few moments, quickly covered her mouth and nose with her shirt, and asked, "Do they kill with it? Can it kill you?" Leslie explained that though the smell might make you want to die, there's nothing lethal about it.

You know, there are a few things that parents just shouldn't have to hear, such as: "Don't put your athletes foot on me! (It wasn't athletes foot but medicine for a corn problem on one of the boys' feet by the way.) "Put your tooth away. It stinks!" (This being in the context of someone loosing the last of their baby teeth.) And (after correcting the B.O. problem), "Here smell my pits now!" This is simply not an option. Neither is "Smell my breath." One only makes these mistakes once. Been there. Done that. Got the t-shirt.


Melissa E. said...


Matthew Nasekos said...

I thought the problem was bad now....after reading your blog I can see that I have something to look forward to. LOL!! :) Hope to see you stinky people soon!!! :)

Leslie said...

Bo lives at our house too!
My 5 year old asked the other day if she could wear "re-o-rer-dunt" soon too. :-)

Ashley said...

Yes, I see with four boys that this is only going to get a lot more fun as they get older - haha. It was about a year ago when Samuel was nine and we realized that he needed to start wearing deodorant. We still have to remind him constantly to put it on or this is what we face. :)

So funny about the skunk, too! And the answer that you might WANT to die because of the smell - just cracks me up. :)

The Kaysers said...

Oh this what I have to look forward to? :) I just got caught up on the last two posts and glad to hear that everyone knows who BO is now and that the pins are out. Praying for safety and protection of that delicate arm!