Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wounded Warrior 5K

Sam and I have been exercising together for the last few weeks. He's getting in shape for PT as part of his JROTC program and I'm . . . well . . . I'm just trying to get in shape. So Sam and I walk/jog together several days a week. It's humbling to have him jog backwards and carry on a conversation as I shuffle away. He says he's my trainer and takes great pride in this role!

After three weeks we decided to test our stuff and signed up for the Wounded Warrior 5k at Lake Baldwin Park. The race was sponsored by the Navy League and had a great turn out. About 550 runners gathered under perfect blue skies. There was a huge turnout of military personnel representing their divisions and friends who have fallen in battle. Many of the soldiers ran with their field backpacks which I know must have added at least 50 pounds.

Nate decided to join us at the last minute and because he hadn't been training with us, commented several times how hard the course was. I looked like I was running with body guards with the twins flanking me! I'm really proud we were able to do the run and so glad the boys came with me. We finished the course in 35 minutes and 30 seconds. We didn't break any records, but I did prove someone wrong who said I couldn't do it!


U said...

Either the boys are growing or you are shrinking...

Heidi and Felix said...

Proud of you and da boys! Is sam considering the military/ Did you say he was in JROTC? Which branch?

I was a AF JROTC boy, prior enlisted inthe Reserves, Acitve Duty officer, and now finishing up my 20th year in the Air Force reserves again. If he has any questions or would like to know about the AF, he can e-mail me at

Major Felix Rogé
137 SWS
Sapce Systems Officer

Christine said...

How awesome! You go girl!