Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bok Gardens

This weekend we visited Bok Tower Gardens and wandered the estate to look at blooming flowers and listen to the bells ringing from the Singing Tower. The property offered stunning views from an elevation that I didn't know existed in mostly flat Florida. We even made a friend along the path as a squirrel ate right out of our hands!


AmyFlem said...

Hope you didn't get nose bleeds from the high altitude! :) My grandparents live in Winter Haven and I have so many memories of Bok Tower. The squirrels are crazy there!! We would always eat ice cream for "lunch" after walking around. They have wonderful concerts throughout the year. Did you do Spook Hill too? Or eat goat milk fudge at the candy factory? Those are Winter Haven hotspots!

whitney said...

i have no idea who these people are. ive never seen them before in my LIFE apparently!.. robert can grow facial hair?!?!..

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