Friday, January 1, 2010

Orphan Mission Trip Update!

We have received $400 towards Robert's trip!!! We are so excited and so blessed to have you partnering with us! Thank you Stephanee and family! Thank you Lynn & Carmen! Robert spoke with a couple this morning that will match funds for him up to half the cost of the trip. So technically, he has $800 at this point!!! Praise God!!!

Matthew called yesterday to let us know that he has already purchased his and Karina's ticket. Kristina decided that she needed to escort Robert on this trip since her best friend Karina was going with her dad Matthew. I would love for her to go back to Ukraine with Robert. She is as much a part of this vision of orphan ministry as any other part of our family, but of course she has been there and can minister in a poignant way. She wants to go and asked if we would pray with her. We agreed to do that. It will be another $1500, but if it is God's will it will come to pass. So please add that to the prayer requests we've asked of you already. We'll keep you posted!

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