Monday, January 18, 2010

In Ukraine

Sorry for the delay in posting, but it's been a whirlwind couple of weeks. Robert AND Kristina are both in Ukraine this morning. They flew out yesterday and met up with the team in Atlanta where they caught their connecting flight. I am anxiously awaiting word that they are safe (and warm!) in Kiev and praying they had a uneventful crossing. Some of you may remember how much Robert loathes flying. Kristina was a bundle of energy on the way to the airport and I can only hope she calmed down a bit before being strapped in next to Robert for the twelve hour flight.

We didn't know if this trip was actually going to happen, but last Monday we were only a few hundred short of having the funds necessary for both of them to go. Granted, we didn't even have a US passport for Kristina. When we made the leap of faith to move forward, I scheduled an appointment with the passport office in Miami to apply for the expedited passport. On Wednesday of last week, we made the four hour trip south and sat in a government building for most of the day waiting on clearance and for her passport to be printed. Add the influx of rescue and recovery workers applying for expedited passports to get into Haiti, and we were a little nervous about it happening. But happen it did and Wednesday night we headed back to Orlando with passport in hand.

Please join me in praying for Robert, Kristina, and the rest of the mission team for the next 10 days. Pray for safety, wisdom, and favor with God and man. I'm not sure if they will have Internet access, but if they do you will likely see updates from them posted here soon enough. Check back!


Zack, Jenn and William said...

God is faithful to those who are faithful to His will and who follow His call. Praising the Father for leading you guys in this direction, and praying for safety and moments of His indescribable glory throughout the trip.


Karen said...

Praying for Robert & Kristina (and all of you at home too!) Can't wait to hear updates!

Matthew Nasekos said...

We are all in Odessa - connected all flights - retrieved all bags - Kristina and Karina had a wonderful reunion - film crew met us at the Odessa airport and spent several hours filming the girls - they hope to have this documentary shown all over Ukraine.
Thanks for the prayers and thanks for letting Robert and Kristina join us.

Leslie said...

I was on the phone with your wife when you posted this! Keep us in the loop. We are praying for all of you. Tell my girl to get some sleep. I know even with all the running, she's probably still wide awake and talking Karina's ear off!

Stephanee&Zach said...

Oh we are so excited!!! Zach and I will be praying for safe travel and for nothing to hinder the fulness of what God intends for this trip!! Will be checking regularly for updates!!

Matthew Nasekos said...

This is from Kristina:
Mom we travelled safe and we have internet access - I might write on the family blog soon.
We are going to the orphanage today and I am so excited!
We are going to see Alyona today!
It is 6:30AM here and Karina and I might go eat some ice cream!!! Karina is hungry and won't let me sleep!!
Karina had to take a freezing cold shower because I used all the hot water up.
I cut my finger and it bled for a while but it is fine now.
Karina and I talked to one of our supervisors and we hope to see them.
Bye, Mom! I love you!

adoptedthree said...

Wow you have been busy! Prayers for a safe trip!