Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Milkman Returneth

One of my favorite memories of our adoption trip was the day that Robert wiped out almost an entire milk section at the local "Kopeka" to bring back to the orphanage. So it came as no surprise to receive this as the opening in Robert's email this afternoon:

We went to the orphanage yesterday and I bought all of the milk in the store and brought it to them. I brought crab, ham, and caviar flavored chips and candy bars for them too.

He kills me! Robert said Matthew brought footballs to play with the kids during their visit. This was Robert's highlight of the time:

One of the boys, about fourteen or fifteen who had early on in life been badly burned and lost a few fingers, made friends with me. At first he was shy but we threw Matthew's football back and forth in the room and he opened up. I doubt that anybody has ever played catch with him before. He really enjoyed it.

I had the misfortune of being at my desk when I read that and it took a good deal to maintain my composure. I ached for this boy. Not necessarily because he carries the scars from a traumatic physical experience, but because he carries unseen scars that can be healed by the love and touch of another human being.

According to Robert's report, they returned to the orphanage today to play with and love on the children some more. He tells of Matthew getting on the floor and wrestling with the boys. They had dinner with Kristina's orphanage caregivers and a girl who was in Karina & Kristina's class. She has since run away from the orphanage because of circumstances that are beyond her control. Robert was troubled to hear her talk about her situation.

Kristina is obviously taking tons of photos that I can't wait to see. Robert reports she and Karina are sisters reunited and are having a wonderful time. He said she's not spending much time with him because she's so excited to see everyone. He understands though and is giving her space to reconnect. They plan on visiting another orphanage tomorrow and may get the chance to meet one of the boys. They're also taking the train to visit some of the more remote orphanages later in the week. I'll update you when I hear something again. You can also visit the Naseoks's blog and get a first hand update of what is happening on the trip!


David Cottrell said...

David Cottrell

Alan said...

The injured boy he's referring to is Yuri. You can learn more about him here:

Christine said...

I ahve enjoyed catching up on your blog. It is such a blessing to read about the kids. My heart breaks for them too. What regionis this? Does your husband know of specific kids that are available?