Saturday, January 23, 2010

Love Lost for Alaska

Robert was able to send me a short email about their recent activities and new location. They took Erin to beautiful downtown Odessa and to see the Black Sea on their last day there. They also returned to Kristina's old orphanage for more time with the kids. I loaded a backpack full of snacks (beef jerky, Slim Jims, trail mix, granola bars) for Kristina and Robert before leaving because sometimes you don't know when you'll have a chance to stop and eat on these type of trips. Robert took the snacks to the orphanage. He said the meat sticks were a big hit and the kids ate everything he had. :) He briefly mentioned meeting Sasha, and this after I lectured him on wanting details about their first meeting! Leave it to a guy to provide only the basics. He was struck by how tiny Sasha was. And he made sure to give him chocolate. There is something about my husband that makes him want to feed every child he meets! I'm hoping for more details when he comes home.

They have traveled overnight by train to Lutsk to visit some missionaries and orphanages. They are bringing a dozen warm coats they purchased in the market with funds from a donor. And it looks like that may be a valuable commodity in Lutsk. The high temperature today is supposed to be 1 degree. Yeah, 1 degree. No that's not Celsius and no I didn't leave off a digit. Robert said he has never been so cold. He's always talked about wanting to visit Alaska. He has now changed his mind.


Heidi and Felix said...

I can vouch for Robert - it is COLD here! Last night walking home after dinner, Felix and I were as cold as we have ever been. Brrrrrrrrrr.

Heidi and Felix said...

Memories of my time stationed in North Dakota keep popping in my mind. Yesterday was -14 with the wind chill factor!


Robert N. Landrum said...

The coats went to Balta.