Sunday, January 24, 2010

From the Frozen Tundra

Robert happened to be online at the same time as me this morning and we were able to IM briefly. He said they are FREEZING because they're in a mountainous area now. I think -23 degrees was the last temp I heard. Unfathomable! He said he was wearing two pair of pants, two shirts, his jacket and gloves at all times. I asked him if his thermals were coming in handy. He said, "What thermals!?!?" Obviously he didn't check the front pocket of the suitcase! Hopefully he's a little toastier now.

They were able to spend time with children at the village orphanage in Lutsk yesterday. Most of the children here have been removed from their homes because of neglect. The team attempted to teach the kids how to play football, but Robert said the rules didn't necessarily translate. Robert said he must have thrown the football a thousand times in the last few days as the team and the orphans ran around in the snow. What a wonderful image.

Robert and the team are staying with missionaries in the area and I can't help but be warmed by the generosity of these servants of God to open their apartments to the American team. They have gained us access into orphanages and let us glimpse the ministry they have built for the glory of God. One of the goals of the team was to encourage these missionaries, but I think it's safe to say that THEY have been an encouragement to us.

Wish I had pictures to share with all of you, but Robert said they are on dial up and are lucky to get an email out here and there. I'm sure there will much to say and pictures to post when they get home Thursday morning. until then I'll keep you posted with the latest!


Stephanee&Zach said...

Hi Leslie! I have been thinking about you guys and I am assuming that everyone made it home safely!! I can't wait to hear more about the trip :) It was great to read Kristina's post!!

Christine said...

Woo-hooo! I read your newsletter about you adopting again. Can you please email me privately?